December 02, 2006

What Is It About Wahnam? Part 3: Systematic Learning

"Kungfu is not magic. It is scientific. You cannot expect these sophisticated movements to magically work for you just because you practised them alone on the top of a mountain for 30 years. If students follow the prescribed methodology and practice sufficiently, they will find free sparring a natural progression. They will be able to apply their techniques spontaneously not because kungfu is magic, but because they have practised according to a systematic method."

For this post I thought I've cover Shaolin Wahnam's systematic and well-developed syllabus. I settled down to write and then remembered that someone had done a very good job of it already. Click here to visit Zenergy Arts, the home page of Wahnam USA, and Sifu Anthony Korahais's (pictured above) article on Training Sparring Systematically. The Wahnam USA site contains a great deal of information on a variety topics so have a good explore around the site.