July 25, 2007

Take Back The Power!

Every Saturday morning the local park is invaded by an army. An army of tabard wearing sweaty twenty to thirty somethings squatting, star jumping, jogging, pushing, pulling, and looking knackered. All this is directed and enforced by a camouflaged squad of screaming military instructors.

In Shaolin Wahnam we believe that good health is your birthright and anyone can achieve this most basic of aims. The only downfall is that you are the only one who can do this. Often the most profound effects of Shaolin Chi Kung and Kung Fu come from the most basic of exercises. The exercise is the easy part, the constant daily practise is the hard bit.

It could be the aching legs, a cold wet morning or just a racing mind coming between you and your practise. These trials soon teach us that the only battle worth fighting is with yourself. Real progress can only be made from the inside out. Self-discipline is both the means and the measure of real sustained progress. So take the responsibility back!

Pictured are Sifu Inness Maran and Sifu Michael Durkin practising Chi kung in an old photo from Frankfurt.