August 05, 2007

Holiday in China

shaolin templeSifu Simon is currently enjoying the kung fu retreat in Switzerland. 6-8 hours a day of Shaolin kung fu, chi kung and meditation, as taught by Taisipak Kai of Germany might not seem any kind of holiday! This is just one of many special courses offered to continuing students of Shaolin Wahnam.

While he is away, here are some photos from a trip to China in 2002, the village and temple of Shaolin and Wudang, places of kung fu, tai chi history and legend.

Pictured is the Shaolin temple, the wooden friezes and weapons to be found within and the gateway to the wudang mountains in Hubei province. Finally, there is a glimpse of children practising at a wushu school where Simon stayed in the Shaolin village. Without fail, they were to be found going over their forms from the early hours until dusk. A great example. Keep up the good work!Shaolin friezeWudanmonks spadewushu school