November 11, 2007

Events in 2008

Saturday 26th January- All Nations Gathering
The All Nations is annual gathering of Wahnam Students from across the UK and Ireland. Hosted first by Brighton, then Manchester, the event has now moved north to Scotland and the beautiful city of Edinburgh.
There will be '8 hours' of teaching throughout the day, along with 'Review/Q & A Sessions'. The cost - £50
Further details will soon be posted at here.

Saturday and Sunday 19th & 20th April- UK Warrior Project
This is your chance to learn directly from Taisipak (Eldest Big Brother) Kai of Frankfurt. The weekend covers using kung fu against other styles of martial arts. In 2008 this event will be held in the Brighton area. Details will be announced nearer the time. Students must have reached level two in the syllabus to attend.

July 2008- UK Annual Summer Camp
This is the yearly visit of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit to our shores. Over the duration of a week he'll be teaching the following not to be missed courses:

Tuesday 15th July – 18th July
Southern Shaolin Kung Fu – Introduction to Internal Force and Combat Application – 24 hrs of tuition.

Saturday 19th July
Generating Energy Flow – Essential Introduction to Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung skills and techniques – 6 hrs of tuition.

Sunday 20th July
Massaging Internal Organs – Using Energy Flow to Massage, Nourish and Heal Your Internal Organs – 6 hrs of tuition.

Monday 21st July

Cosmic Shower – Discover How To Tap Energy From the Cosmos and Channel It to Cleanse Your Body of “Energy Blockages” – 6 hrs of tuition.

Tuesday 22nd July
Sinew Metamorphosis – Also Known As Merging With The Cosmos – 5 hrs of tuition

Wednesday 23rd July
Shaolin Internal Force – Internal Force Is Not Just For Martial Artists You Can Use It To Enhance Health, Promote Mental Clarity and Gain Glimpses of Cosmic Reality – 6 hrs of tuition.
More details can be found here.
Saturday 2nd - Saturday 9th August- Mountain Retreat Levels 1-4
Saturday 9th - Saturday 16th August- Mountain Retreat Levels 4-6

Meditation, Chi Kung and Kung Fu with Taisipak Kai all taking place half way up a Swiss Mountain. Not to be missed.
More details can be found here.