December 18, 2007

Frankfurt Chamber of Shaolin

kung fu staffLast week I was lucky enough to spend a few days visiting Shaolin Wahnam Frankfurt. Germany is fortunate enough to host not only one of the most senior Wahnam disciples in the form of Kai Jettkandt but also his 'Special Chamber'.

Taisipak (eldest older brother) Kai has a training kwoon or dojo attached to his acupuncture clinic.
Recently another building next door has been going through a transformation into a 'special chamber' containing all the traditional training devices associated with Shaolin Kung Fu.

plum flower postsThe most eye catching are of course the 'plum flower' posts. These are great for 'moving through the woods' as you move through the forest of poles. Later, after starting on circles drawn on the floor, students progress to moving on top of the posts!