August 19, 2008

Keeping Focused

This video shows Sifu Simon Brooks and Taisipak Kai Jettkandt engaged in a little light hearted weapons sparring. It was the first time that they had used those particular weapons (Sabre or boardsword and Butterfly Knives) against each other. Despite the friendly and slowed nature of the action it still ended up with Sifu Simon getting his thumb sliced.

Taisipak (oldest older brother) Kai of Frankfurt once taught that when unarmed sparring we should treat our opponents fists as if they are knifes. This thought was to help keep us focused. It was a valid comment then and obviously even more vital when actually facing sharpened steel.

For safety's sake should we trade our steel weapons for wooden versions?
The danger of fake weapons is that we become blase and careless in our actions in the same way that unarmed sparring fully 'padded up' encourages us to take risks.

Take your sparring gradually one step at a time and keep it real!