October 17, 2006

What Is It About Wahnam? Part 1: Nothing But Genuine Shaolin

The teachings of Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit are the purest form of Shaolin I have ever come across. An antidote to the acrobatics of modern Wushu, Shaolin Wahnam prides itself on being simple, direct and effective. A principle we can apply to everything we do in life.

Shaolin kung fu dates back hundreds of years and today we can utilise techniques that have stood the test of time. Genuine Shaolin is a complete system incorporating every aspect of combat. We see no reason to include kicks borrowed from tae kwon do, punches from western boxing or locks from Jujitsu.

Likewise, we don't substitute traditional training methods for modern day circuit training or use a japanese style belt system. We remain open-minded in our approach to other martial arts and training methods, but if doing star jumps really made you a better fighter then some monk back in 1423 would have already discovered it.