October 16, 2006

What Is It About Wahnam? Part 2: Application

Second on my list, although not reeled off in any particular order, is the application of techniques found within Shaolin Wahnam. When watching Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit sparring I'm always struck by the completeness of his attack. By this I mean that while one hand will strike, the other will be used to 'tame' or tie up the opponents arms. Meanwhile, with good use of stances or leg work, the opponent finds his or her front leg pressed downward making them unable to kick and limiting their choice of movements. Often with just a little more pressure the opponent will we left in a heap on the ground as their legs buckle in beneath them.

It is clear then that there is much more to effective fighting that just being able to throw a punch. We must develop the skills that allow us to control our opponent and set ourselves up for the optimum delivery of our technique. We must guard against the likely counter attacks and be able to follow up with further attacks as we press forward. The skills to do this can not be learnt by beating punch bags but only through systematic partner training, a subject that will be covered in the next post.