April 27, 2008

Brighton Warrior Project

Congratulations to all those who made it to last weekend's Warrior Project in Brighton. These two day events are taught by Taisipak (oldest older brother) Kai of Frankfurt and focus on the more practical side of our art, especially when facing opponents using techniques from outside our usual syllabus material.

The Warrior project will return to the UK next year. For those Level 2 students and above who are really keen the next three projects are:

Cananda: Toronto, 17. Calendar Week (fourth Weekend in April) the exact date will be follow soon. Further Information Sifu Emiko Hsuen shaolin@shaolinwahnamcanada.com

Spain: Barcelona on Sat 25th & Sun 26th of October. Further Information: Sifu Daniel Perez shaolinbcn@shaolinbcn.com

Italy: Milano 6th & 7th of December. Further information: Sifu Riccardo Puleo riccardopuleo@libero.it