June 18, 2008

Shaolin Chin Na Course

June 8th-15th saw Grandmaster Wong kiew Kit teach a course in the 72 techniques of Shaolin Chin Na.
The course was held in Sabah, Malaysia and gave students excellent advice on wronging bones, separating tendons and targeting meridian points.

This was the first time that this course had been offered and despite the large amount of material to take in, all the students had a great time. As well as internal methods for developing Tiger Claw and One Finger Zen, also practised were the external training methods of jabbing beans, carrying jars and taming tiger push ups.
Despite the obvious dangers of Chin Na all students left with their fingers and meridians intact although most people sported a lovely set of bruised legs; a lot of techniques involved bring your opponent down to his knees, normally by standing on his ankles or lower legs!